The Renault Wind

The Renault Wind – a two seat convertible roadster few have heard of, and fewer have seen. An MX-5 this isn’t!

Envisaged conceptually in 2001,  the Wind finally made it to Showrooms in 2010, but due to the financial crisis only lasted around 18 months in UK showrooms, and 2 years in European Markets.  This short sales window, combined with what some say was a bungled launch by Renault makes the Wind one of the most exclusive cars on the roads today.

This exclusivity however doesn’t come at the traditional high prices expected of such vehicles.  Based upon Twingo and Clio underpinnings, maintenance costs are comparatively low and even purchase prices of these wonderful future classics are at less than £5,000.

This site is an homage to the Wind, and is a resource to Wind Owners to find information, links and technical information about their cars.

Our 2017 tour is over, but we continue to share some of the amazing photos on our International Meet 2017 Page, or Instagram #WindTour2017  and Twitter #WindTour2017

I’d pick a Wind over similar cars any day. That the hood folds back is just an added bonus

AutocarMatt Prior - Road test editor

There’s something surprising under the skin of Renault’s new Wind roadster-coupe. Engine and electric power steering apart, it’s pretty much a Renaultsport Clio of the previous generation.


As one of the smallest and most affordable cabriolets on the market, the Renault Wind holds plenty of appeal.

AutoexpressAuto Express Test Team