This website is a service built for the community by the community. We love you to contribute to it, but in order to do so, we must ask you to understand how we deal with your contributions.

When you provide us with content, we may:
Use, host or store it in this website, associated forums and other linked services, in order to provide you content.
Use, host or store the content in other media service providers, such as Flickr, Google, Youtube and Twitter. Note, this is not an exclusive list. These service providers may not fall under UK or European legislation.
Copy, change or translate it, or make things inspired by it
Use it with our tools for making creations or remixing content
Moderate it which means we can review, edit, remove or decide not to display it. And, if it breaks any laws, we can refer it to the police and other authorities.

And we can use your creations:
Anywhere in the world
In any medium (for example the internet, videos, television and radio)
For as long as we want – even if you stop using our services.
And anyone we work with can do those things too. For example, if you send us image, a third party could publish an item featuring that image, who’d then be able to do all the things above. And they could also charge their users to see it.

Some other things we will and won’t do:
We may let other people use your creation. And sometimes we might let them edit it or make things inspired by it.
We won’t pay you for it.
We hope to use it. But we can’t guarantee it.
We usually show your name alongside whatever you post. But we can’t guarantee it.
We will record within our media library, your details as the submitting party, where you provide it to us.
We publish all content using CC-BY-SA 3.0 licencing, unless otherwise specified.
We might contact you to check you’ve got permission to use any music, images, clips or text in whatever you post.
There might be other terms

Sometimes uploading a creation to our services means using a tool provided by someone other than us. For example you can use WhatsApp to share your stories with us.
Sometimes the provider’s terms and conditions apply to using their tool. Do read their terms (which you can search for online) as they tell you what the provider can do with your creation when you use their tool.

A note about your “Moral Rights”
When you upload something, you give up your moral rights to it. That means we can use it without identifying you as the creator
We can also edit or change it without your permission. And you won’t have the right to say we’ve treated it in a “derogatory” way.
There more about your moral rights here. And here’s some general info on moral rights.

Content Removal/Take Down
If you are a content creator or rights holder, and discover content on this site which you believe has been incorrectly supplied and licenced, please send an email to takedown or in writing to the administrative address, associated with the WHOIS information for this domain, headed RENAULTW.IN TAKEDOWN, and enclosing the full details of how and why you are the rights holder to the content. We will endeavour to respond to the request within 7 working days of receipt. We reserve the right to recover costs against malicious, false or prejudicial take down requests through appropriate legal or civil means.